Corkscrew Swamp

November 15, 2017

When shadows cast a darker eye        

And I cannot clear-sight this world         

I take myself beyond the fray        

And spend the day in Corkscrew Swamp        


With no forethought of man’s onslaught        

The Bitterns gather in the marsh        

The Egrets thrust their rippling necks        

Like dinosaurs on stalk-like legs         

And strapping Cypress suck down deep        

Spread pillowed feet near sculpted knees


My eyes take in the fecund mass,

The water world of marshy grass

Where reed and tree and sea grass grow

Where what’s above is cast below

There is no mark to say earth ends

Or where the mirrored world begins

Among the flowering pickerelweed

A myriad of tiny insects swim

And in blue pools that reflect sky

Ghost clouds float by on limpid scrim


I soaked in all this paradise

Of birthing earth, of primal life

For one brief moment I’m aware

The world has folds beyond despair

And all my troubles disappear


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