June 5, 2020

You can hear the sound of supper coming long before the wind picks up its scent. The clanking of steel bowls, heavy thud of bootsteps on the wooden floor, and final latch click of the old screen door opening on its creaky hinges. Within moments, the dinner songs begin, accompanied by the sounds of chains dragging along as hungry, tail-wagging tap dancers eagerly pace for their share. Tongues slap wind burnt muzzles and moisten ice tipped whiskers in anticipation of the warm rich feast. The scent of supper makes my stomach growl, and I too find myself singing along. 

Father arrives and despite the raging urge I have to dive into my bowl, I wait for him to put it down. His thick strong fingers...

July 12, 2019

She steps out onto the ice in her tall winter stockings and sleek dark boots. For most of the year she goes unnoticed, almost prudish in how little attention she conjures in her earthy red coat and muddy leggings. But now, against the backdrop of this snow-white wonderland, she is radiant and impossible to ignore. The moon is transfixed by her beauty and shines its torchlight to illuminate the heart-shaped marking on her chest. Along her back, the tips of her thick auburn fur and fluffy silver peak on her tail sparkle with crystalized snowflake appliqué. It's not the best time for her to be so visible; she is desperately hungry and will quickly deplete her energy reservoirs if she cannot soo...

June 12, 2019

The following is a guided meditation intended to help you rekindle your childhood curiosities about the natural world, and to rewild your soul by drawing you closer to the forest, one breath at a time. To take part in this meditative practice, it is suggested that you begin by distancing yourself from as many distractions as possible. Find a safe place of quiet where you can be left undisturbed for the next few minutes. Whenever your mind begins to wander, gently follow your breath, and allow it to guide you through the ether of thoughts towards the sanctuary of your own forest. This practice is also suitable to share with a partner and makes for a blissful group adventure. If at the end of...

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